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Working with BNF

The British Nutrition Foundation's scientific integrity, objectivity and impartiality ensure that it is held in high esteem within the nutrition and education communities, and it protects this standing through its strong governance, policies and working practices. We have established a longstanding reputation for partnership working and value the alliances and collaborations we have forged over the years. 
BNF’s staff of experienced, qualified nutritionists and educators consider commissions for project work from a range of public and private sector organisations.  All projects must adhere to the Foundation’s values and strict working practices and must further the Foundation’s core objective of promoting good nutrition in the context of public health. The Foundation’s specific objects are:
To undertake, for the public benefit, the education of the public in nutrition and the dissemination of information relating to nutrition.
The advancement for the public benefit of the training and education of persons involved in the training or education of others in nutrition.
The advancement for the public benefit of the study of, and research into, nutrition.
Case study examples of recent and current projects with a range of organisations can be viewed here
Applying for Membership 
The Foundation's members are listed here. In addition, individuals can subscribe to Nutrition Bulletin or ask to receive BNF News and/or BNF Education News. Subject to approval by the Foundation’s Trustees, membership is open to any organisation, company or corporation (except a trade association) interested in helping to achieve the objects (see above) of the Foundation and supporting its work (see the Annual Reports), and that agrees to comply with the Foundation’s values and ethical policy. The Director General will be glad to provide details. Contact details below.
Through membership, BNF collaborates with a range of organisations to challenge current practices and to provide evidence-based scientific insight and information to enable them to make informed decisions about the nutrition and health aspects of their strategies. The Foundation does not endorse companies, brands or products. 
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