BNF Staff

Management Committee

Professor Judith Buttriss BSc DipDiet PhD RNutr FAfN

Director General

Judy Buttriss

Judy studied Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Surrey. She worked as a research dietitian in Professor John Waterlow’s obesity unit for about a year before returning to Surrey to study for a PhD concerning vitamin C and hepatic drug metabolism, which combined the disciplines of nutrition, biochemistry and toxicology. Equipped with a doctorate, Judy worked in various labs as a postdoc researcher, in particular on vitamin E and selenium at Guy’s Hospital Medical School. In 1985 she decided to leave the lab environment and joined the National Dairy Council (NDC) as Senior Nutritionist, where she stayed until 1998 when she joined the BNF as Science Director. She became the BNF’s Director General in October 2007.

“I decided at the age of 14 or 15 that I wanted to study nutrition, my ambition then was to work in a hospital as a dietitian. During my industrial year at university I had the opportunity to work at the Institute of Child Health for 6 months on a research project and this made me realize that I wanted to help build and define the nutrition science evidence base, and a PhD was the route I took, followed by several postdoc contracts. At this point in my career I was looking for a permanent academic post when a job came up at the NDC. It was a huge change at the time but one that set the stage for my career in public health nutrition – building on the skills learned as a dietitian and focused on the communication and dissemination of evidence-based nutrition information. But I have not lost my hunger for learning new things, trying to look at the information before me with fresh eyes and keeping an open mind, whilst ensuring that scientific evidence underpins my efforts. Working at the BNF is full of challenges and opportunities – no two days are ever the same and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Mr Roy Ballam BA MA
Education Programme Manager

Roy Ballam originally trained as a secondary school food technology teacher, and has been a GCSE moderator and A-level Principal Examiner.

Role at BNF:
Roy's work at the Foundation includes the production of innovative resources to support the teaching and learning of food and nutrition in schools. He has extensive experience in using, and evaluating, ICT to enhance teaching and learning in school, community and other settings to a wide variety of audiences. Roy manages the Foundation’s education programme, Food- a fact of life, as well as working on a consultancy basis for government and other organisations.

Ms Sara Stanner BSc MSc RPHNutr
Science Programme Manager

Sara joined the BNF having completed an MSc in Public Health Nutrition from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Prior to this she worked at the Centre of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk at University College London Medical School where her activities included the coordination of a project in St Petersburg to investigate the relationship between intrauterine malnutrition and adult cardiovascular disease.

Role at BNF:
Sara is currently Science Programme Manager at the BNF, where her main role is to ensure the accuracy and quality of the scientific output of the science team. She is one of the editors of Nutrition Bulletin and has been involved in editing several of the BNF’s recent Task Force reports (including Cardiovascular Disease and Healthy Ageing). She is also currently the Lifecoach for the Sunday Telegraph and the mother and baby expert for Sainsbury’s Little Ones magazine and website.