The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) was established in 1967 and exists to deliver authoritative, evidence-based information on food and nutrition in the context of health and lifestyle. Our core purpose is to make nutrition science accessible to all.

The Foundation’s work is conducted and communicated through a unique blend of nutrition science, education and media activities. BNF’s strong governance is broad-based but weighted towards the academic community, and we are honoured to have Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal as our Patron.

BNF is a registered charity with a broad funding base. It receives donations from food producers and manufacturers, retailers and food service companies, and grant providing bodies, trusts and other charities. Project income is secured from national government departments and agencies and the European Commission, as well as commercial and non-commercial sources. BNF has put in place procedures to ensure transparency and openness.


The objectives of the British Nutrition Foundation are:

To work in partnership with academia, educators, government and industry to deliver BNF’s aims, vision and charitable activities.

Deliver and widely communicate high quality, profile-raising information, resources and activities for the ultimate benefit of public health.

Ensure a sound infrastructure (staff, facilities, governance and funding) to facilitate and support BNF’s activities.



Our core purpose is to make nutrition science accessible to all and we do this through the interpretation and translation of complex scientific information. In doing so, we aim to generate and communicate clear, accurate, accessible information on nutrition, diet and lifestyle, which is relevant to the needs of diverse audiences. Through active engagement with government, schools, industry, health professionals and journalists, we also aim to provide advice to help shape and support policy and so facilitate improvement in the diet and physical activity patterns of the population.


Below is an illustration of how our core activities are linked with our overall aim of making nutrition science accessible to all:

Our core values are scientific integrity, objectivity and impartiality, coupled with fairness in the way we judge information and we manage those employed by the Foundation. Our broad funding base is an inherent strength as it ensures that we work with diverse groups within the nutrition world and hence better understand the challenges they face and the opportunities for activities associated with delivering improved public health. Another strength is our broad governance structure that comprises a Board of Trustees and a Council, incorporating senior individuals from many walks of life, that is purposely weighted towards academics of repute. Our Council, under the chairmanship of our Honorary President Professor Alan Shenkin, directs our science strategy. We are honoured to have Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal as our Patron.

We are part of a broad network and attach substantial value to the collaborations and partnerships that we have forged, both in the UK and also across Europe, that enable us to extend our influence without moving our focus from the things we do well. We have a track record in harnessing the expertise of others to deliver a multi-disciplinary perspective, as illustrated by the outputs of our series of Task Forces and Advisory Committees. Through our work with schools and our scientific reports, we are known for collating and disseminating best practice that has the potential to facilitate behaviour change and so improve the health and wellbeing of the population.

BNF’s work is embedded in two work programmes – education and science.



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