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Healthy packed lunches

Lunch is an important meal for everyone, to provide energy and nutrients to keep you going through the afternoon, and many people choose to eat a packed lunch, whether it's a lunch box for your child to take to school or a lunch you can take to work. The key to a healthy packed lunch is getting the right balance. Choose a wide variety of foods which will help provide you with all the nutrients you need and enough energy to get through the day. The advice provided is based on the governments’ eatwell plate, you can read more about this here.

To make your packed lunch as healthy as possible try to include:

  • A good portion of starchy food, e.g. wholegrain roll, wraps or pitta pockets, pasta or rice.
  • A portion of lean meat, fish, egg, pulses or other non-dairy protein sources, e.g. chicken, ham, beef, tuna, sardines, mackerel, egg, beans or hummus
  • Plenty of fruit and vegetables, e.g. an apple, satsuma, handful of cherry tomatoes or carrot sticks, small tub of fruit salad or small box of raisins
  • A portion of semi-skimmed or 1% fat milk or other dairy food, e.g. reduced fat cheese, yogurt or fromage frais
  • A drink e.g. fruit juice, semi-skimmed or 1% fat milk, yogurt drink or a bottle of water.
Packed lunch