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Healthy Life Planner for Women

This section is designed for consumers who want to find out more about healthy eating for women. A lot of the advice in this section is about healthy diets before, during and after pregnancy but, because about half of pregnancies are unplanned, we've put together information that applies to all women who might have children to help to improve the health of the mothers of the future!

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Healthy Life Planner for Women

Use this Planner to attain a healthier diet and lifestyle.  There are four goals each week for you to achieve and build on over a 4-week period. ...

Healthy Meal Planner

Suggestions of healthy meals can be found here.   Last reviewed 21/05/2013. Next due for review 21/05/2016

Planning for pregnancy

If you are thinking of having a baby then now is a great time to start thinking about your diet and lifestyle.  What you eat before and during...

Achieving your goals

Our 4-week Healthy Life Planner provides a set of 4 goals each week - 4 simple changes you can incorporate permanently into your lifestyle to achieve...

Getting your health back in shape

  Although you will be really busy looking after your baby, it is an important time to start thinking about your own diet and health. Your body...