BNF ran a poll on its homepage in early 2012 entitled Which supplements are all women recommended to take during pregnancy?

Just over 2000 votes were cast in total, with folic acid (34.9%) and folic acid and vitamin D (34.8%) being the top two answers, followed by a specialised multivitamin and mineral supplement for pregnant women (16.5%), iron (6.5%), none (4%), and omega 3 (3.3%).

Whilst folic acid is one of the most commonly recognised supplements recommended for women to take when they are pregnant, vitamin D supplements are also recommended. A folic acid supplement of 400mcg should be taken daily from pre-conception through to the 12th week of pregnancy to help reduce the risk of the baby developing neural tube defects, such as spina bifida. Vitamin D (10mcg) supplements should be taken daily throughout pregnancy as well as when breastfeeding, to ensure that mum maintains her bone density and that the baby’s skeleton develops healthily.  If you are unsure about which supplements you should be taking during pregnancy then it is a good idea to talk to your GP or midwife.

For more information on healthy eating in pregnancy, click here


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