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At around 6 months of age your little one will be showing signs that s/he is ready to try solid foods.  Look out for these signs - putting things in his/her mouth to chew, showing interest in food, and reaching and grabbing toys and other objects accurately.  Also, you may notice that s/he still seems hungry after a feed.

As you stop breast feeding your body will need fewer calories and you may find that you are less hungry and need to eat less than before. Listen to your body and its signals of hunger and fullness rather than following the eating pattern you had when you were breastfeeding.

Weaning is all about getting your baby used to moving food around their mouth that is not liquid.  It will take time for your baby to perfect this new mouth action, so don’t worry if more food ends up on the floor than in their mouth at the beginning!

A baby should be started on solid foods at around six months of age, but no earlier than 17 weeks.  Introduce these foods in addition to breast milk (or infant formula), which will remain the key source of energy and nutrients for your baby at this time.

You can watch an eSeminar on weaning with one of our Nutrition Scientists by clicking here


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