Winter is a time for comfort food, and also of celebration, with Christmas and New Year.Having a Healthy ChristmasStudies show that, people tend to gain weight over the holiday season. Perhaps this is not surprising with the extra calories consumed at our pre-Christmas parties, Christmas Day itself and the build up to the New Year.Easy to gain, hard to loseOn average we will put on 0.5-1kg, and this weight seems particularly hard to lose. But if we don’t manage to lose it, and the same thing happens each year, after a few years our festive indulgences can lead to considerable gain in weight!The following pages provide a nutritional survival guide to the festive season from parties to hangovers, from Christmas Dinner Joy to Boxing Day Blues and how to start the New Year with good nutrition ways.Merry Christmas!Party seasonChristmas day and Christmas dinnerHolding back the hangoverBoxing day bluesNew Year you


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