Statistics on obesity, physical activity and diet: England 2010 is a statistical report published annually by The Health and Social Care Information Centre, a NHS service.  The report is a compilation of information relevant to England on obesity, physical activity and diet.  The main source of information for the report is the Health Survey for England, as well as the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, the Active People Survey and various other surveys.

The topics covered in the report include:
•    Overweight and obesity prevalence among adults and children;
•    Physical activity levels among adults and children;
•    Trends in purchases and consumption of food and drink and energy intake; and
•    Health outcomes of being overweight or obese.

The report highlights a series of alarming trends such as rising rates of overweight and obesity, low levels of physical activity, and suboptimal dietary quality compared to dietary guidelines across the population.  It also highlights the link between obesity and adverse health outcomes, such as high blood pressure, and reports the rise in the number of people admitted to hospital with a primary diagnosis of obesity and of those undergoing bariatric surgery as a weight management measure.

Although this report does not contain any new data per se, it does provide a one-stop shop for statistics and information for England on obesity, physical activity and diet.  The report is available here

Last reviewed January 2011. Next review due January 2013. 


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