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Food Life Skills CD Rom

Food Life Skills CD Rom
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* Does your school promote cooking?
* Is there a need to teach healthy eating practically?
* Does your school want to ensure that all students can cook healthily, taking into account a budget and hygiene?
* Are you looking for a flexible resource for your secondary school students?

The Foundation is delighted to launch the BNF Food Life Skills resource on CD-ROM. The BNF CD-ROM can be placed on any computer in your school, plus you can take it home, allowing you access to valuable resources. You may use it on as many computers as you wish in your school.

What Do I Get?
* 1 x BNF Food Life Skills Teachers’ Guide (PDF);
* 10 x Weekly Modules, giving teaching aims and objectives  (provided as PowerPoint presentations);
* 6 x Support PowerPoint presentations, covering healthy eating, healthier cooking practices, budgeting, personal hygiene, food safety and food labelling;
* 30 x Tried and tested recipes as PDFs, plus each recipe as a  PowerPoint presentation showing step-by-step action photographs;
* 1 x certificate of completion (in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats to allow you to customise it to your own needs);
* 74 colour photographs of ingredients (as PDFs);
* 33 colour photographs of cooking equipment (as PDFs);
* 60 colour photographs of cooking actions and skills (as PDFs).

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