Food Skills and Recipe Videos

A CD containing all of the videos from the Food - a fact of life website.

Food Skills and Recipes Videos
The food skills and recipe videos, that appear on the Food - a fact of life website, are available to purchase on CD. It's convenient, easy, portable and extremely useful!

Why buy this CD, if they are free on-line?
Your room at school may not have internet connection or the connection is slow, so resources take valuable time to download – often leading to frustration. Also, you do not have to download the videos – they are all on the CD. The CD can be placed on any computer in your school, plus you can take it home, allowing you access to valuable resources. You may use it on as many computers as you wish in your school.

The resource contains:
* 32 videos, showing key food skills and recipes being demonstrated (these are in QuickTime and .flv format).
* A selection of support recipes, as PDFs.

Skills include: peeling, grating, knife skills and preparing an onion.
Recipes include: coleslaw, cous cous salad, crunchy winter salad, dips, fruit salad, fruit smoothie, juices, mackerel dip, plum berry dessert, pockets and wraps, sandwiches, chunky soup, curries, shepherds pie, stir-fry, vegetable kebabs, Welsh rarebit, blueberry muffins, bread, cheese straws, cornish pasties, dough (pizza/chelsea buns), fruit scones, gingerbread people, fruit crumble, shortbread and soda bread.

The video and recipe files are delivered on a DVD-CD - please ensure that your computer can read DVD-CDs. (A DVD is used as a data storage device.)

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