Interactive Activities CD Rom

A CD Rom containing all the interactive activities from the Food - a fact of life website.

Interactive activities CD

This CD contains the 10 interactive activities featured on the Food - a fact of life website. The activities can be used on any of your computers in school and do not require internet connection.

The activities include:
* Make a balanced plate
* Make a healthy lunchbox
* Unmuddle the meals
* Alisha and Ronnie
* Energy Balance
* Plant or animal?
* Farm to fork: 5 -7 years
* Farm to fork: 8-11 years
* Where do my meals come from? 5 -7 years
* Where do my meals come from? 8 -11 years

Teacher guidance is provided for each activity. The interactive activities are provided as .swf files, which open in all current internet browsers (with Adobe Flash Player installed). The activities will play without an internet connection. At school they could be placed on the intranet or within the a VLE. As a bonus, a PDF version of our Farm to Fork game (with guidance) is also provided on the CD.

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