Plants: Diet and Health

A BNF task force report on the impact of plants on diet and health

Plants: Diet and Health (2003, 368pp)

This publication covers in detail the full range of substances in plant-based foods that might have a protective and positive health effect. Contents include detailed information on major foods and beverages, the content and role of bioactive substances within them, the effects of food processing and public health issues. The Task Force of well-known and respected scientists, under the chairmanship of Professor Malcolm Jackson (University of Liverpool), has written a book that will provide essential core information for a wide range of health professionals, including dietitians, nutritionists, general and family practitioners and community nurses. Personnel in the food industry responsible for product development, production and packaging will find this landmark publication to be an extremely valuable reference, as will all those involved in the production of dietary supplements in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Lecturers, undergraduates, postgraduates and postdoctoral researchers in nutrition, dietetics, plant sciences, biochemistry, food science and food technology, public health, pharmacy, pharmacology and medicine will also find this book to be of great value in their work.

Contents include: Plant foods and health, classification and biosynthesis of plants and secondary products: an overview, epidemiology linking consumption of plant foods and their constituents with health, potential mechanisms of action of bioactive substances found in foods, influence of the gut microflora, dietary intake and bioavailability of plant bioactive compounds, fruit and vegetables, cereals, nuts and pulses, beverages, plant and plant-derived lipids, miscellaneous foods, the effect of agronomy, storage, processing and cooking on bioactive substances in food, implications for public health, conclusions, recommendations and answers to commonly asked questions. Cost £49 (Discount available to members of the British Dietetic Association, subscribers to Nutrition Bulletin and members of the Nutrition Society.)

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