The BNF Drummond Early Career Scientist Award is an annual scheme run by the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) to recognise early career excellence in nutrition science. Applicants are judged on their contributions to nutrition science to date, their potential to become future leaders in the field, and the scientific merit and clarity of communication of their work. The Award has been made possible through BNF’s management of the Drummond Memorial Fund, established in memory of the work and contribution of Sir Jack Drummond (for more information, see here).

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 BNF Drummond Early Career Scientist Award.


Dr Henrik Roager (University of Copenhagen)


Dr Elaine McCarthy (University College Cork)

Dr Ruairi Robertson (Queen Mary University of London)


In December 2019, Nutrition Bulletin will feature a special section of the journal to showcase the recipients' work.