How we are governed  

Governance refers to the system of structures, rights, duties and obligations by which organisations are directed and controlled. Charities are generally governed by a trustee board that takes overall responsibility for the charity’s work, including:

  • the long term direction of the charity, including its objectives or purposes;
  • implementation of policies and activities to achieve objectives;
  • compliance with legal requirements.

A core strength of the Foundation is its governance structure (described in the Articles of Association), which comprises a Board of Trustees, Advisory Commitee, Scientific Committee, Editorial Advisory Group, Education Working Groups and a Nominations Committee, on which serve senior/experienced individuals from many walks of life. The composition is deliberately weighted towards the scientific ‘academic’ community, based in universities and research institutes, and those from education, finance, media, communications and HR backgrounds. All those who serve on BNF committees do so without remuneration, with the exception of travel expenses.

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated on 21 February 1967. The registered address is British Nutrition Foundation, New Derwent House, 69-73 Theobalds Road, London WC1X 8TA. BNF is a registered charity in England and Wales (charity number 251681) and in Scotland (charity number SC040061). 

Our Patron

We are privileged to have HRH The Princess Royal as our Patron, who takes an active interest in the work of the Foundation and its events.

BNF President

We are honoured to have Professor Alan Shenkin as our President. In 2010 the British Nutrition Foundation's Council elected Professor Alan Shenkin as BNF's new Honorary President.  Professor Shenkin has been the Scientific Vice President at BNF since 2005. He studied medicine in Glasgow and became a Consultant in Clinical Biochemistry at Glasgow Royal Infirmary in 1978, a post he held until 1990. He then moved to Liverpool as Professor and Head of the Department of Clinical Chemistry and was also appointed Honorary Consultant Chemical Pathologist at the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals. Since 2007 he has been an Emeritus Professor at the University of Liverpool.  He is married with 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Professor Shenkin has had a longstanding association with various nutritional organisations, most notably the Medical Royal Colleges Intercollegiate Group on Nutrition and the European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. His research interests have focussed on vitamins and trace elements in health and disease, and the use of laboratory tests in assessing nutritional status. Professor Shenkin commented: "I am honoured to be appointed Honorary President of BNF. The Foundation plays a very important role in providing impartial nutritional advice to various individuals and organisations, and excellent teaching resources to schools. I look forward to assisting BNF in its various activities"

The Board of Trustees

The BNF Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance and strategy of the BNF and have full legal responsibility for the actions of the BNF. It comprises up to 12 representatives, who are appointed by the Nominations Committee. Trustees may serve for a maximum tenure of three, three-year terms. Eight representatives must not have a personal financial interest in the commercial food industry. The committee meets at least four times per year. They delegate the day-to-day responsibility for the running of the BNF to the Senior Leadership Team.

  • Professor C Dennis CBE DLm Food Scientist and Technologist (Chair)
  • Professor JC Mathers BSc DipNutr PhD , Professor of Human Nutrition, University of Newcastle (Vice-Chair)
  • Professor CM Williams OBE PhD FSB RNutr FAfN, Director, Food Agriculture and Health, University of Reading (Immediate Past-Chair)
  • Ms D Irving-Brown Deputy CFO, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (Treasurer)
  • Mr D Webster BAHead of Communications, ABF UK Grocery
  • Mr M Bond BSc, Marketing Strategy Leader, DuPont Nutrition and Health
  • Mr G Findlay BA, Qualifications Manager, Scottish Qualifications Authority
  • Miss G Fine MSc, Public Health Nutritionist
  • Mrs A Greenhalgh-Ball BSc SRD, Consultant 
  • Professor SA Lanham-New BA MSc PhD RNutr, Head of the Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Surrey
  • Mr A Wotherspoon BSc (Hons) MIFST
  • Ms L C Redmond BSC (Hons), MA, MBA, FCIPD, Director/Consultant in governance, Investment banking

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee advises and reports to the Board of Trustees, filtering and fine-tuning issues identified by the Scientific Committee, or raising by itself. It comprises up to 10 representatives, who are appointed by the Nominations Committee. Representatives may serve for a maximum tenure of two, three-year terms (plus one additional year, if requested by BNF). Six representatives must not have a personal financial interest in the commercial food industry. The committee meets at least twice per year.

  • Professor J Cade BSc PhD FAfN Professor of Nutritional Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Leeds (Chair)
  • Ms J Batchelar OBE BSc PGCE Director of Sainsbury’s Brand, J Sainsbury plc (Vice-Chair)
  • Professor JE Blundell BSc PhD FBPsS Chair of Psychobiology, University of Leeds
  • Professor G Frost BSc PhD RD Chair in Nutrition and Dietetics, Imperial College London
  • Dr S Gatenby BSc PhD Senior Director, Nutrition Europe, PepsiCo UK Ltd
  • Mrs G Henderson BEd Education consultant
  • Mrs K Clifford, Head of Public Affairs Nestlé UK Ltd
  • Professor K Whelan BSc MSc MA PhD RD Professor of Dietetics and Head of Department of Nutritional Sciences, King’s College London
  • Professor MJ Wiseman MB BS FRCP FRCPath FAfN Visiting Professor in Human Nutrition, University of Southampton
  • Ms K Platts MSc., ANutr., MRSPH Research Associate, Sheffield Hallam University 

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee advises on the interpretation and translation of scientific information in order to generate and communicate clear accurate, accessible information on nutrition, diet and lifestyle, which is relevant to the needs of the diverse audiences which BNF serves.

It comprises up to 30 representatives, who are appointed by the Senior Leadership Team (ensuring representations from different sectors, diversity, capability, skills and experience). Representatives may serve for a maximum tenure of two, three-year terms (plus one additional year, if requested by BNF. At least two-thirds must not have a personal financial interest in the commercial food industry. The committee meets at least twice per year.

  • Professor D Stensel, University of Loughborough
  • Professor P Rogers, University of Bristol
  • Professor J Thompson, University of Birmingham
  • Dr A Brown, University College London 
  • Dr E Dimidi, King's College London
  • Ms E Jesper-Mir, Sense about science
  • Professor L Methven, University of Reading
  • Professor E Stevenson, University of Newcastle
  • Mrs B Monks, Food education consultant
  • Dr J Stewart, University Hospitals of Leicester
  • Dr D Mellor, Aston University
  • Dr G Kuhnle, University of Reading
  • Mrs S Hickey, Guys and St Thomas' Hospital Charity
  • Mrs L Farrell, Nutrition & Health Manager Product Quality Tesco
  • Mrs L Street, Nutrition Manager Marks & Spencer
  • Dr K Karnick, Vice President of Global Nutrition and Open Innovation Tate & Lyle
  • Mrs N Gillet, Nutrition & Health Development Manager Allied Bakeries
  • Mrs M Strong, Senior Nutrition Manager at AHDB
  • Mrs B Bray MBE, Independent Registered Nutritionist and Food Safety consultant
  • Prof T Sanders, Emeritus Professor of Nutrition & Dietetics at Kings College London

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee appoint representatives to the Board of Trustees, Advisory Committee and Nominations Committee. It comprises four representatives, one of whom is the Chair of the Board of Trustees. The Committee meets when necessary to undertake its duties. Representatives may service for a maximum of two, two-year terms.

  • Mr IGT Ferguson CBE BSc (Chair)
  • Ms C Drummond MBE BSc FRSA FSB FRAgS FIAgM CEnv
  • Professor Colin Dennis (Chair of the Board of Trustees)

Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) meets twice a year. EAB members support the editorial team by providing advice and guidance on the Nutrition Bulletin’s development strategy and operational procedures, as well as actively promoting the journal to potential authors and readers.  

  • M Adams, Process Innovation Lead, Campden BRI, UK
  • Dr A Aherne, Nutrition Science Manager, Kerry Group, Ireland
  • Dr M Ashwell, Director, Ashwell Associates, UK
  • Professor J Betts, Professor of Metabolic Physiology, University of Bath, UK
  • Professor J Blundell, Professor Chair of PsychoBiology, University of Leeds, UK
  • Dr B Brands, Senior Scientific Project Manager, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany
  • Dr V Chachay, Lecturer and Research Academic, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Dr C Childs, Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences, University of Southampton, UK
  • Dr L Fernandez-Celemin, Director General, European Food Information Council (EUFIC), Belgium
  • Dr C Forde, Senior Principal Investigator, Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences and National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Dr N Fuller, Research Program Leader, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Professor A Gallagher, Head of Doctoral College (Coleraine/Magee), Ulster University, UK (Chair)
  • Professor M González Gross, Professor of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
  • Professor B Griffin, Professor of Nutritional Metabolism, University of Surrey, UK
  • Dr W Hall, Reader in Nutritional Sciences, King’s College London, UK
  • Dr K Hassall, Statistician, Rothamsted Research, UK
  • R Johnson, Emeritus Professor, University of Vermont, USA
  • Professor O Kennedy, Teaching and Learning Dean, University of Reading, UK
  • Dr A Lake, Professor of Public Health Nutrition, Teesside University, UK
  • Dr C Leonard, Director Nutrition Science & Innovation, The Coca-Cola Company, UK
  • C MacEvilly, Director Corporate Affairs, Danone, Ireland
  • Dr C Matthys, Associate Professor Human Nutrition, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Professor AM Minihane, Professor of Nutrigenetics, Head of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine in Norwich Medical School, Director of Norfolk Institute of Healthy Ageing (NIHA), UK
  • Dr P Mitrou, Director of Research Funding and Science External Relations, World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) International, UK
  • Dr C Murphy, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Dr A Nugent, Senior Lecturer, Queens University Belfast, UK and University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Dr G Pot, Researcher Nutrition and Health, Louis Bolk Institute, The Netherlands and Visiting Lecturer, King’s College London, UK
  • Professor M Reid, Professor/Director of MSc Clinical Applications of Psychology, University of Hull, UK
  • Professor S Samman, Honorary Professor, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Professor HC Schönfeldt, Director of African Research Universities Alliance Centre of Excellence for Food Security, University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • Professor A Sinclair, Emeritus Professor, Deakin University, Australia
  • Dr J Slavin, Professor, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota, USA
  • Professor G Varela-Moreiras, Professor in Nutrition & Food Sciences, University of San Pablo-CEU, Spain

Education Working Groups

BNF has four Education Working Groups around the UK that formally meet on an annual basis. The Groups comprise practising teachers, awarding organisation representatives, initial teacher education personnel/trainers and government officials. The role of the Groups is to critically appraise education plans and activities, highlight changes, challenges and opportunities in teaching pedagogy and classroom practice, and discuss needs for professional development.

The following people serve on the BNF English Education Working Group:

  • Ms T Goodyere, Birmingham City University
  • Ms R Higgins, Newtown CE Primary School
  • Mrs K Hufton, Hornbeam Academy Trust
  • Ms Z Lawrence, Mayville High School
  • Mr K McGuinness, Bramhall High School
  • Mr J O’Rourke, Washingborough Academy
  • Ms A Stafford, Healthy Schools London
  • Ms E Tydeman, Public Health England

The following people serve on the BNF Northern Ireland Education Working Group:

  • Mrs L Anderson, Wellington College Belfast
  • Ms F Close, Food Standards Agency in Northern Ireland
  • Ms M Davidson, University of Ulster
  • Mrs S Davidson, Omagh Academy
  • Ms J Hanvey, Education Authority (Belfast)
  • Ms H Kettyle, Enniskillen Royal Grammar School 
  • Mrs L Kelly, St Columbanus’ College
  • Mrs D Neill, Wallace High School
  • Mrs W Strain, Antrim Grammar School
  • Ms D Wagner, CCEA

The following people serve on the BNF Scottish Education Working Group:

  • Ms S Beattie, Education Scotland
  • Ms A Blair, Meldrum Academy
  • Mrs Y Dewhurst, University of Aberdeen
  • Mr G Findlay, Scottish Qualification Authority
  • Mrs E Fitzpatrick, St Mary’s Primary School
  • Mrs T Olmeda-Hodge, Food Standards Scotland
  • Mrs C Hislop, NHS Health Scotland
  • Ms E Nicoll, Preston Lodge High School
  • Ms F Smyth, St. Ninian’s Primary
  • Ms K Taylor, Busby Primary School

The following people serve on the BNF Welsh Education Working Group:

  • Ms A Bergiers, Nantgaredig Primary School
  • Ms A Candy, Welsh Joint Education Committee
  • Mr M Campion, Her Majesty’s Inspector of Education and Training in Wales
  • Mr L Henry, Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr
  • Mr M Lewis, Gowerton Comprehensive
  • Ms N Lloyd, Pen Y Cwm Special School
  • Ms K Mallows, Cowbridge Comprehensive School
  • Mr S Neal-Price, Curriculum Reform Division, Welsh Government
  • Mrs N Rees Williams, Appetite for Life Facilitator

BNF day-to-day Management

The day-to-day management of BNF is directed by Professor Judy Buttriss (Director General), Mr Roy Ballam (Managing Director and Head of Education) and Ms Sara Stanner (Science Director). The Foundation is overseen by its Board of Trustees. Its programmes of work and outputs are aligned with the Foundation’s objects, strategy and values. Of particular importance to the Foundation and its stakeholders are its scientific integrity and its independence and the extent and quality of its charitable work targeting school teachers, the general public, and health care professionals. Our broad funding base, networks and governance structure are inherent strengths that ensure we work with a diverse range of groups and talented individuals within the food and nutrition world. As a result we are ideally placed to understand the nutrition challenges faced and the opportunities and context for activities associated with delivering improved public health.

Honorary members

Honorary Members, are nominated for membership by the Board of Trustees, and who the Board of Trustees considers has made an outstanding contribution to the Foundation; or an outstanding contribution in the field of nutrition. Current Honorary members:

  • Dr DM Conning OBE MB BS FRCPath FIBiol FIFST
  • Professor RS Pickard BSc PhD RNutr CBiol FIBiol
  • Professor BA Wharton BA MBA MD DSc FRCP FRCPCH FIFST
  • Miss A Heughan RD

Emeritus members

Emeritus Members are nominated for membership by the Board of Trustees, who has been a Trustee, and who the Board of Trustees considers made an outstanding contribution to the Foundation. Current Emeritus members:

  • Mr IGT Ferguson CBE BSc
  • Mr P Hebblethwaite BSc MSc CEng FIFST FIChemE
  • The Baroness Hooper CMG BA FRGS FRSA
  • Dr WT Little CBE FIFST
  • Professor A de Looy BSc PhD RD FBDA
  • Ms R McRobert OBE
  • Mr DA Tate OBE DL MA
  • Professor RG Whitehead CBE BSc PhD MA FlBiol CBiol HonFRCP


Updated 22/05/20