Healthy Ageing: The Role of Nutrition & Lifestyle 

Healthy ageingTuesday 13th January 2009 

Sainsburys Conference Centre, London 

Year on year, countries across the world continue to see an increase in life expectancy, largely attributed to the impact of modern medicine and disease eradication.  There is now increasing evidence that environmental factors such as diet and lifestyle also have a significant role to play. However with this increase in years there often comes an unfortunate rise in chronic morbidity, with the quality of later life severely compromised by ill health.

To celebrate the release of our latest Task Force Report, ‘Healthy Ageing: The Role of Nutrition and Lifestyle’, a one-day conference was held on 13th January 2009 in central London.

A conference report featured in the June 09 issue of Nutrition Bulletin.

A powerpoint presentation on Healthy Ageing - the Role of Nutrition and Lifestyle can be found below.

Audio podcasts

Some of the speakers presentations are available as audio podcasts to download below by right clicking on the following links and selecting the option 'Save link as':

Prof John Mathers - Introduction to the Task Force Report

Prof Angus Walls - Protecting Teeth and Oral Health

The programme for the conference, some of the speaker presentations and a 10 Key Facts report can be found below.