Satiation, satiety and their effects on eating behaviour  

SatietyThursday 18th June 2009  

Institute of Physics, London  

With obesity rates continuing to rise, controlling how much we eat is increasingly important. Many different factors can influence how much energy we consume. Satiation, the feeling of fullness that can cause us to stop eating, and satiety, the feeling of satisfaction that persists after eating are important internal mechanisms to control energy intake.

The Foundation held a conference on satiation and satiety to accompany a Briefing Paper of the same title published in the June issue of Nutrition Bulletin. The conference covered a broad range of issues from the physiological mechanisms that drive satiation and satiety, the effects of food composition and external influences on appetite. Opportunities for creating satiety enhancing functional foods and the potential public health benefit of diets that promote satiation and satiety were also addressed.

Audio podcasts 

Some of the speakers presentations are available as audio podcasts to download below. To view the podcasts, right click on the link and select the option 'Save link as...':

Bridget Benelam - Introduction to satiation and satiety

Prof Martin Yeomans - The effect of palatability on satiety

Dr Jeff Brunstrom - The role of learning in expectations about satiation and satiety

Dr James Stubbs - Practical measures to enhance satiety and weight control

The programme for the day and pdf versions of these speakers' presentations are also attached below.

There is also lots more information about satiety on our 'feed yourself fuller' page.