Welcome to Explore food, a user-friendly online nutritional analysis tool for secondary school students, available free from the Food – a fact of life website. Explore food has been designed to be easy to use, guiding students through the analysis of a recipe or a day’s diet. It provides data for the student to analyse and draw conclusions away from their PC or tablet, further supporting their studies. To access Explore food, click here.

Explore food allows students to:

  • calculate the energy and nutrients provided by a recipe or diet;
  • compare the energy and nutrients provided by different food and drinks;
  • model different portion sizes for a recipe;
  • compare a  diet for a day to UK Dietary Reference Values (DRVs);
  • model different DRVs to a diet;
  • save work to continue another time (saved as a file);
  • export work to a spreadsheet file for further analysis or graph production;
  • print work.

The tool is useful platform for teachers to demonstrate how changes to the selection and weights of different ingredients, foods and drinks may have an impact to the energy and nutrients provided by a recipe or a diet. Using the day’s diet to compare with DRVs can also help to facilitate menu planning to meet the needs of different groups of the population. A detailed teachers’ guide is also available, with hints and tips, information about portion sizes and photocopiable planning sheets for students.