This section provides links to a vast array of resources to support teachers and pupils in schools learning about food and nutrition. Posters, worksheets, PowerPoint presentation, ICT templates and much much more is available to download. Resources have been moved to the Food - a fact of life website.

Worksheets (primary/SEN): 27 worksheets for use in school. The sheets cover food around the world, hygiene and safety, the human body, growing and harvesting, cooking processes and equipment, shopping and growth/change.

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Food cards: 7 sets of BNF Food Cards for pupils aged 5 to 16 years.  Simply download the file, print-out (in colour), cut and laminate.

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Posters: The posters are available to download as pdf files. They may be used in UK schools.

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ICT: The use of ICT can be exciting, fulfilling and motivating. However, there are times when it can be frustrating and intimidating. Access a range of templates to support learning. These include templates for flow charts, costing, weight and percentage, and DRVs.

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Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM):

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How to ... : Explain how to perform a variety of speicifc tasks and tests.

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Energy and Nutrients case studies: This section contains nine case studies for secondary school pupils on different aspects of energy and nutrients. Each case study includes a set of questions for pupils to answer. Case studies include: Jez and Ben, Sheltered Housing, Community Dietitian, Joyce and Albert Wells, The drinks initiative, Wartime rationing.

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Experiment sheets: This section contains 12 experiment sheets (see below) for pupils at secondary school. These include: Comparing foods for energy; Comparison of melting point of fats; Testing foods for reducing sugars; Test foods for starch; Testing foods for fat; Testing foods for glucose; Testing foods for protein; Testing foods for vitamin c (Ascorbic acid); The salt content of foods; The water content of fats and spreads.

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Product analysis: Worksheets to support analysis:

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Sensory evaluation: This section provides details on the different types of sensory tests that can be conducted, including how to organise the tests and interpret the results. A number of ICT templates are also provided. These include star diagram and hedonic charts.

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Smart foods: This section provides details on the BNF's publication of smart foods. It contains a booklet, poster and PowerPoint presentation.

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 Last reviewed September 2009. Next review due December 2013