The Foundation has produced a variety of video podcasts with clear information on different topics for students of food and nutrition. Each podcast is under 10 minutes in length and can be either downloaded or viewed online at the British Nutrition Foundation’s YouTube Channel.
The Macronutrients video podcast series is hosted by both a Nutrition Scientist working at the British Nutrition Foundation and a Chef from London. Each episode explores the function and sources of carbohydrate, protein and fat. These video podcasts are approximately 7-9 minutes in length.
* Episode 1: Concentrating on carbohydrate
* Episode 2: Pointers on protein
* Episode 3: Facts on fat
Exploring energy is a video podcast which investigates the concept of energy intake, expenditure and energy balance. The video podcast is approximately 8 minutes in length.
The Heathy eating video podcast provides a general overview of healthy eating by two nutrition scientists in a supermarket. The eatwell plate and the 8 tips for eating well are highlighted. The video podcast is approximately 10 minutes in length.
The eatwell plate video podcast series provides a focus on different food groups as depicted in The eatwell plate, as well as exploring other important aspects of nutrition, such as allergy, energy balance, salt and breakfast. Each video is 10 minutes in length.
* Episode 1: The eatwell plate / fruit and vegetables
* Episode 2: Bread, rice, potatoes and pasta
* Episode 3: Milk and dairy foods
* Episode 4: Meat, fish, eggs and beans
* Episode 5: Foods and drinks high in fat and/or sugar
* Episode 6: Energy balance, diet and activity
This video podcast series has been developed by the British Nutrition Foundation in association with DairyCo, Potato Council, HGCA, Horticultural Development Council, Meat and Education.
Podcast schedule 2012

* Ethnic diet and foods
* Primary food and nutrition information
* Hydration
The BNF's video podcasts can now be found at:§ionId=84

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