Increase your activity by including more walking when travelling to work meetings

To mark the end of BNF Healthy Eating Week in the workplace, BNF has created a new workplace walking map to encourage people attending meetings at BNF to be more active by providing directions that promote active travel.

Why not try creating this type of map for your workplace? Send it to people attending meetings at your office and include it in the directions on your company website.

Don’t forget:

  • Walking (brisk pace) – burns around 300kcal an hour
  • Cycling – burns around 360kcal an hour

For visitors to our offices, you can use the map below to find out how many calories you could burn walking or cycling from nearby stations!


And if you want to walk a little further...

Walking to BNF from King's Cross station will use around 140 kcal (28 mins), and from Euston station 125 kcal (25 mins)


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