Although you will be really busy looking after your baby, it is an important time to start thinking about your own diet and health. Your body went through a lot of changes during pregnancy and you may need to replenish your stores of some nutrients.  You will also need lots of energy to cope with your new baby, especially if you are breastfeeding.   What you eat when you are breastfeeding influences the nutrients available in your breast milk. Just as it is not suitable to go on a weight loss diet when pregnant, it is also not suitable when breastfeeding. You may also be thinking about how to get your body back into shape and start losing excess pounds gained during pregnancy.  An ideal time to start thinking about your health and weight is at your postnatal check (around 6 weeks). At this stage you can start exercising regularly again, although if you have had a Caesarean Section, seek advice from your GP as you may have to wait a bit longer.  Use the Healthy Life Planner for Women, the Healthy Meal Planner and the advice below to help you get back into shape!


Achieving a healthy weight

Keep your energy levels up

Keep hydrated

Replenish your nutrient stores

Important nutrients when breastfeeding

Tips of eating well after pregnancy