Our 4-week Healthy Life Planner provides a set of 4 goals each week - 4 simple changes you can incorporate permanently into your lifestyle to achieve a new you! Advice to help you achieve each of the goals is available by clicking on the links below.

Week 1

What is a healthy breakfast?

What is a portion of fruit and vegetables?

What foods should I snack on?

How can I get active?

Week 2

Which foods contain wholegrain?

How can I keep hydrated?

How can I reduce saturated fat intake?

What type of aerobic exercise can I do?

Week 3

How much, and what type of fish should I eat?

What foods contain iron?

How can I reduce my salt intake?

How can I be less sedentary?

Week 4

What is a unit of alcohol?

Why is sitting down to a family meal important?

How can I reduce my calorie intake?

What muscle-strengthening activities can I do?