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The challenge: Have at least 6-8 unsweetened drinks every day – water is a great choice.

Why is it important to drink plenty?

  • On average, water makes up more than half of our body weight and we need fluid for our body to work properly.
  • Water is constantly lost through sweating, breathing and using the toilet, so it is important to drink throughout the day to keep hydrated.
  • Being dehydrated can make it difficult to concentrate and may cause headaches and tiredness.

How much should we drink?

In the UK, it is recommended that we have 6-8 drinks every day, as well as any water provided by food. Younger children usually need smaller drink servings (around 150-200ml) than older children, young people and adults (around 250-300ml). The exact amount of   fluid we need will depend on many factors, including age, activity levels and the weather.

Healthier drink options:

  • water (this is the best option for a regular drink);
  • lower fat milks or calcium-fortified, unsweetened dairy alternatives;
  • unsweetened tea/coffee (but limit for young children and pregnant or breastfeeding women);
  • vegetable/fruit juices and smoothies*.

*100% vegetable/fruit juices and smoothies should be limited to no more than a combined maximum of 150ml a day as they contain free sugars.

Drinks that contain sugars, such as juices, smoothies, soft drinks, milk shakes, and energy and sports drinks, can contribute to energy (kJ/kcal) intake and increase the risk of tooth decay, if consumed regularly.

Stay hydrated tips

  • Have a drink with meals.
  • Keep a reusable water bottle on hand to sip throughout the day.
  • If you like sweet drinks, choose sugar-free versions.
  • Have plenty to drink before, during and after physical activity.
  • Have regular drinks – don’t wait until you feel thirsty!

Support for you

Healthy hydration


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Go the extra mile

Have kids at home? Here’s some activities!

  • Activity 1. Drink plenty! Create a poster, presentation or video explaining why it’s important to keep well hydrated when being active. Here’s some support!
  • Activity 2. Health and wellbeing: Make sure to drink plenty with your favourite Disney friends! Play Dory’s coral and seaweed game to help find Dory and save her from being lost at sea.
  • Activity 3. Use the Frozen Drink Plenty worksheet to work out why Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Sven think drinking plenty is important. Remember – we all need 6-8 drinks a day!
  • Activity 4. Literacy and Health and wellbeing: Are you drinking enough during lockdown? Keep a drink diary over a day – listing everything you drink. You should be aiming for 6-8 drinks every day! Explain how you could make healthier drink choices in the future.
  • Drink plenty HEW activities – help teach children about the importance of healthy hydration with our information, challenges and games from HEW 2019.
  • Remote learning – we’ve hundreds of activity ideas and further support on our education website.
  • Keep the learning going – check out our education website, developed for schools, but useful for home learning too!

Get cooking – a few recipes for you at home …