have 5 a day icon 2018 FINAL

The challenge: Have at least five portions of vegetables and fruit every day – choose a variety!

Why 5 A DAY?

Vegetables and fruit provide a range of different vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (e.g. polyphenols) needed for health, as well as fibre which is important for the digestive system and can help reduce the risk of  developing heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer.

It is important to eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruit, as each type provides different amounts and combinations of nutrients. 

What counts towards 5 A DAY? 

  • Fresh, frozen or canned vegetables or fruit - an 80g portion is approximately one medium sized piece of fruit such as a banana, apple, pear, orange or nectarine;  two or more small fruits such as plums, satsumas, kiwi fruit or apricots; a large handful of berries, cherries or grapes; one dessert bowl of salad; three heaped tablespoons of vegetables.
  • Dried fruit - A 30g portion counts as one portion of 5 A DAY, but should be eaten at mealtimes, not as a between-meal snack, to reduce the impact on teeth.  
  • 100% vegetable/fruit juices and smoothies -150ml counts as a maximum of one portion per day, and consumption should be limited to no more than a combined total of 150ml per day. This is because when vegetables and fruit are juiced or blended, sugars are released which can cause damage to teeth.  
  • Beans and pulses -  these count as a maximum of one portion (80g) per day even if more than one portion is eaten. This is because they do not provide the same mixture of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as vegetables and fruit.  


Support for you


  • Complete the 5 A DAY chart and tick when you have tried something new this week.
  • Fruit and vegetable video - get a brief overview of the fruit and vegetable Eatwell Guide group, watch this video.
  • Fruit and veg Eatwell Guide resource - have a look at the for some tips and ideas to fit fruit and vegetables into the diet – try some this week.
  • Fruit and vegetable page - learn about the importance of fruit and vegetables in the diet with and use the tips to vary what you’re having this week.
  • 5 A DAY - behaviours to help


Go the extra mile

Have kids at home? Here’s some activities!

  • Activity 1. Art: Let’s get creative with 5 A DAY! Create a fruit and vegetable rainbow, showing the different types in each colour bow! If you get stuck, ask someone in your house if they can give you some clues!
  • Activity 2. Literacy and art: Read the story about The colourful present in which Alisha helps Ronnie put together a colourful fruit and vegetable basket for his Grandma’s birthday. Think about the special people in your life (family, friends, carers). What makes them special to you? Use the Colourful present worksheet to design a gift for a special person in your life at the moment.
  • Activity 3. Art: Draw around your hand - and then create a 5 A DAY poster to encourage those that live with you to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables each day.
  • Activity 4. Healthy eating: Use the My 5 A DAY tally chart to record the vegetables and fruit you are eating.
  • Activity 5. Science: Did you know that a single stalk of celery is known as a ‘rib’ and a single banana is called a ‘finger’?  Find out the interesting names for a single piece or a group of other fruit or vegetables.
  • Activity 6. Literacy: Fruit and vegetable alphabet: find a fruit and/or vegetable for each letter of the alphabet. Choose two from your list and find out where and how they are traditionally grown. (Here’s an example using a range of foods.)
  • See and Eat guide - get some practical tips that parents and carers can follow to encourage preschool children to get familiar with, like and eat more vegetables.
  • FFL classroom – Try five 5 A DAY remote learning resources to help children learn about healthy eating – there are four examples below.

Get cooking – a few recipes for you at home …