make a change icon 2018 FINALThe challenge: Make a change – set a goal to make a positive change that lasts!

Change can be good

Over time, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to obesity and other chronic health conditions. Making long-term changes to your lifestyle behaviours can have positive effects on health and wellbeing, and reduce the risk of developing chronic health conditions. Setting a goal to make a positive lifestyle change is helpful because it can:

  • improve motivation;
  • provide focus;
  • make healthier behaviours easier and more automatic over time.

What can be changed?

Small lifestyle changes that are easy to incorporate into daily life are more likely to be maintained. Reflect on your current eating, drinking and physical activity habits and think about where you would like to make a positive change.

When setting a goal for a healthy lifestyle change, it can help to think S.M.A.R.T.

  • Specific – you have a better chance of achieving your goal if  it is well-defined (e.g. a goal to ‘swap sugary drinks for water over the next month’ is more specific than a goal to ‘consume less sugar’).
  • Measurable – how will you know when you have accomplished your goal? You might want to keep a diary or use an App to track your progress.
  • Achievable – is your goal realistic and feasible? Impossible goals can be demotivating, so set a goal that you have the time, skills and resources to complete.
  • Relevant – will your goal improve your physical and/or mental health? Some people may benefit from eating more fruit and vegetables; others may eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, but spend too much time being inactive. Make sure you identify which aspects of your lifestyle could have the biggest impact on your wellbeing.
  • Time-bound – how often will you need to do the tasks required to achieve your goal? When will your goal be accomplished? For example, a goal to ‘eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day for the next month’ may be more motivating than a goal to ‘eat more fruit and vegetables’.

Support for you


Go the extra mile

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