This section includes information on introducing your baby to solid food.

It covers: 

Many parents worry about when and how to wean their little ones, but weaning needn't be a stressful time. Read our practical guide below to find out more about giving your baby his or her first solid foods. We have incorporated current guidance in this area to help your baby get a good start.

The term weaning is now often referred to as 'complementary feeding', to promote the continued use of breastfeeding beyond 6 months, so you might see this term used on some websites and information leaflets. In addition, many of the latest guides on weaning no longer use the idea of 'stages'; current information often refers to the introduction of different tastes and textures over time and developing eating and chewing at the baby's own pace so that by the age of 12 months your baby is having a variety of foods from all the major food groups and is eating three meals a day, in addition to healthy snacks.