BNF’s updated information on pregnancy

As a revised Cochrane review concludes that pregnant women can improve their health by maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise, here at BNF we provide some key information on diet and pregnancy in our updated pregnancy web section, Nutrition for Pregnancy. 

It is clear that what you eat in pregnancy is important, with requirements for some micronutrients increasing. So if you are trying for a baby, pregnant, or a friend/relative of a mum-to-be or are just interested in the area why not take a look….

The new section covers the nutrition journey all the way from trying for a baby to preparing for the birth and includes nutrients of importance, common concerns such as nausea and heartburn, nutrition for special groups like teenagers and vegetarians and vegans, and of course we look at why maintaining weight is a good idea in pregnancy. We also include a section on physical activity.

And for all mums to be, BNF sends our warm congratulations. Don’t forget we have information on feeding your babies and toddlers too!