Autumn… its back to school and off to uni for some. And it’s also time for Halloween and Bonfire Night. So in this section we have recipes for warming suppers, a look at seasonal veg and give you some ideas for livening up those back to school lunch boxes and coping at uni!

Happy Autumn!


From leaves to roots

There are many great veg in season at this time of year, just perfect for hearty dinners!  Make the most of root vegetables, such as carrots, parsnips, turnips and don’t forget the greens that are in season like kale, cabbage and sprouts, which provide fibre, folate and vitamin C.

We’re used to picking up a pumpkin for Halloween in October, but don’t forget butternut squash – it provides us with beta carotene and vitamin C and tastes great roasted, and in soups and risottos.  There are also some lovely apples grown in the UK available in autumn – why not try a cox, russet or royal gala?