December is here! With the festive season upon us, we can easily end up overindulging with our calorie consumption and waist line increasing as well as our alcohol units consumed. On average, we will put on 0.5-1kg over the Xmas period and this weight seems particularly hard to lose. But if we don’t manage to lose it, and the same thing happens each year, after a few years our festive indulgences can lead to considerable gain in weight!

BNF has produced a Christmas survival guide with some tips on healthy eating and keeping your alcohol intake in moderation. It looks at how you can make better food choices at the Christmas party; reduce your calories from alcohol; enjoy the more nutrient dense traditional Christmas foods; and have a healthier Christmas lunch. And it encourages going into the New Year with the aim of getting off the sofa more often and increasing your physical activity.

The Merry Christmas Survival Guide can be found below. More information on surviving the festive season can be found here.

Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Nutritious New Year from BNF!