Toddlers/pre-school children are growing and developing quickly and it's an important time to make sure they are eating well to get all the energy (calories) and nutrients they need. This is also an important time for children to learn about food and eating, so that they get into the habit of consuming a healthy, varied diet, enjoyed with the rest of the family. However, for parents and carers it can be hard to know exactly what toddlers should be eating and in what amounts.

Toddler boys eating

In this article there is information on:

  • The types and portion sizes of food and drinks to feed your toddler/pre-school child (page 2)
  • How to encourage your toddler/preschool child to eat a healthy, varied diet (page 3)
  • Overweight and obesity, physical activity, supplements and dental health (page 4)

BNF has developed a poster and detailed leaflet to help parents and carers choose a healthy, varied diet for their child.