About this event

When: 6th November 2017

Where: Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, LONDON, W1G 0AE

Registration: RSM website

Media and public interest in food and health in the UK has never been higher. But, despite a consistent evidence-base that highlights the importance of diet in relation to chronic disease risk and the dietary patterns that may help to prevent ill health, we are amidst a sea of reported contradictions to the government’s dietary guidelines. This is resulting in confusion amongst the public and health professionals alike, and risk of clinical inertia for dietary change, with negative implications for the health of the population, now and in the future.

This one day conference will bring together leading experts to explore some of the complexities of nutrition research, and explain why there seems to be some controversy over some of our evidence based population guidelines. The conference will seek to identify where there is robust evidence for clear advice for prevention and management of diet and health related conditions.

Presentations will be followed by what should prove to be a lively debate with invited panellists on the role of the media Why all the confusion – can we really blame the media?
Please find the agenda for the day attached below. A full programme and booking details can be found on RSM’s website.



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