17th July 2015

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN), a committee of independent experts that advises the Government on nutrition issues, has published its report Carbohydrates and Health today. Public Health England has published a document summarising some of the key findings of the report in relation to the sugars dietary recommendation.

SACN was requested by the government to provide clarification of the relationship between dietary carbohydrate and health and make public health recommendations.

To achieve this they reviewed:

  • the evidence for a role of dietary carbohydrate in colorectal health in adults and in childhood;
  • the evidence on dietary carbohydrate and cardio-metabolic health (including cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, glycaemic response and obesity);
  • the evidence in respect to dietary carbohydrates and oral health;
  • the terminology, classification and definitions of types of carbohydrates in the diet.

To help put the recommendations in context, BNF has developed a 7-day meal plan that shows one approach to meeting the new and existing dietary recommendations. We have also produced some summaries of the reviews on the link between fibre and free sugars and health. These can be found in our Nutrition Science section.



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