On the 1st December 2009, the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) launched a consultation on their proposed voluntary recommendations for industry on the promotion of lower-fat dairy products, fat and saturated fat reductions for meat products, increased availability of smaller single-portion sizes for savoury snacks, and increased marketing of reduced/low-fat versions of these products.

The Agency’s saturated fat and energy intake programme aims to help consumers reduce their saturated fat intakes and better balance their energy (calories) intakes with their energy needs. The Programme involves working with the food industry to reduce saturated fat and energy levels where possible. The food industry periodically changes ingredients/processes and reviews portions sizes and availability, and the aim of this proposal is to develop guidance to indicate the direction for these changes to achieve improved public health. This public consultation seeks views on draft voluntary recommendations to the industry. It follows the first consultation – on biscuits, cakes, pastries, buns, chocolate confectionery and soft drinks – launched in July 2009.

The BNF response to the consultation can be found below:
Last reviewed March 2010. Next review due December 2013.