On the 15th January 2010, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) launched a consultation to develop guidance on a public health programme aimed at maintaining a healthy weight and preventing obesity. NICE were asked by the Department of Health to develop this guidance and it is one of five pieces of the scope of NICE guidance for the prevention of obesity.

For the purpose of the guidance, a ‘whole-system’, sustainable approach to obesity involves a broad set of integrated policies combined with population-wide and targeted measures. This includes action by central and local government, industry, communities, families and society as a whole. It also involves shifting attention away from individual risk factors or isolated interventions and considering many influences simultaneously, in line with the obesity systems map developed by Foresight (2007). ‘Systems’ operate at different levels. This guidance will focus on local systems including action by primary care trusts (PCTs), local authorities, sports and recreational services, food retailers, the voluntary sector and the communities they serve. It will also focus on the impact of national policy on the effectiveness of local systems.

The consultation document on 'Preventing obesity: a whole-system approach: draft scope' can be found below along with the BNF response to the consultation:

Last reviewed February 2010. Next review due December 2013.