On 8 October 2010 the Department of Health launched its public consultation on whether Healthy Start beneficiaries should also be allowed to spend their vouchers on plain frozen fruit and vegetables and whether more needs to be done to tackle any risks that vouchers may be spent on products not included in the scheme.  The Healthy Start scheme gives vouchers to women who are pregnant or families with a child under four years old and are on certain benefits that can be used to buy milk, fresh fruit and infant formula milk.  The consultation closed on 31 December 2010 and the Government’s response was issued in February 2011.   From April 6 2011, the vouchers can be used to buy plain frozen fruit and vegetables as well as milk, fresh fruit and vegetables and infant formula milk.

The BNF response to the consultation can be found below:


Last reviewed May 2011. Next review due June 2014.


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