The British Nutrition Foundation published a briefing paper on nutrition, health and schoolchildren in September 2011, summarising the main nutrition and health related issues in schoolchildren across the UK. The briefing paper was an update of an earlier briefing paper published in 2002. 
The paper covers various topics, including nutritional requirements and dietary habits in schoolchildren; physical activity in schoolchildren; various health issues in schoolchildren, including overweight and obesity, bone health and oral health; factors affecting food choice; and food provision in schools. 

The factsheets below highlight the main findings of the briefing paper and are a useful resource for various audiences, including teachers, local authorities, curriculum authorities, teacher trainers, health professionals, those working in public health and others who have an interest in nutrition and health in schoolchildren. 
The full briefing paper is available here. It will be available for free on the BNF website one year following publication. 
 Last reviewed 20/01/2012. Next due for review 20/01/2015