Breastfeeding: Shaping the infant gut microbiota

19 June 2019

The webinar can be viewed here 

The delegate pack and Q&A document from the webinar can be found as attachments below.

 It is increasingly recognised that the establishment of the gut microbiota in early life has substantial impact on subsequent health and may play a critical role in immunity, metabolism and development. The shaping of the human gut microbiome is a highly complex process, but breastfeeding is thought to play an important role. This BNF webinar explored the interesting relationship between breastfeeding, the infant gut microbiome and health.

 Breastfeeding gives a baby the best possible start in life – but how does breastfeeding influence the infant´s gut microbiome? You can find out more in BNF’s fascinating webinar!


Scientific Presentations

Prof Lars Bode, University of California, San Diego

Human milk oligosaccharides: Every baby needs a sugar mama

Prof Christine Edwards, University of Glasgow

Development of the infant microbiome: the role of breastfeeding


Research Spotlight

Dr Ruairi Robertson, Queen Mary University of London & University of British Columbia

Breastfeeding and the infant microbiota – an important influence on growth in the first 1000 days?



Public Health Perspective

Helena Gibson-Moore, Nutrition Scientist, British Nutrition Foundation

A great start: Breastfeeding – a public health perspective