Alcohol consumption in the new millenium Briefing PaperIn December 2006 BNF published a new Briefing Paper on Alcohol consumption in the new millennium.

The paper begins by introducing alcohol, the guidelines for sensible drinking and current trends in alcohol consumption in the UK and the rest of the world. Absorption and metabolism of alcohol is described in some detail, followed by the nutritional implications of moderate to chronic excessive alcohol consumption.

The paper then goes on to summarise the burden of disease and mortality in relation to alcohol. The evidence for the risk of a range of diseases as a result of alcohol consumption is then reviewed; for diseases including coronary heart disease, blood pressure, stroke and cancer. This is followed by a chapter on the evidence that relates alcohol to other conditions such as peptic ulcers, pregnancy, bone mineral density and renal dysfunction.
Finally, the paper summarises a number of social issues that arise as a result of drinking alcohol, considering public-based initiatives that are underway to reduce the incidence of binge drinking.
For more information, the paper and a summary are attached below.