Dietary calcium and health Briefing PaperIn September 2005 BNF published a new Briefing Paper on Dietary calcium and health.

The paper begins by looking at the skeletal functions of calcium in the body; including bone, bone growth, calcium changes through life, attainment of peak bone mass and dental health. This is followed by a chapter on the regulatory role of calcium in the body, and a chapter on calcium homeostasis and metabolism.

The paper looks at the Dietary Reference Values for calcium and provides guidance for high intakes and looks at sources of calcium in the diet. Intakes of calcium in the UK are considered in reference to Government surveys. The bioavailability of calcium from foods in the diet is detailed, and there is information on bone calcium loss and the factors that affect this.

Finally, the paper looks at the evidence for the relationship between calcium, health and disease; including cancer, cardiovascular disease, weight management, hypercalcaemia and calcium stone formation.

For more information, the paper and summary are attached below.