Selenium and health Briefing PaperIn 2001 BNF published a new Briefing Paper on Selenium and health.

The paper begins by introducing the sources of selenium in food and water, including a table showing the selenium content in selected foods. This is followed by recommendations for intake and actual trends in selenium intake and status in the UK.

The metabolic regulation of selenium in the body is described in some detail; from absorption to excretion. This is followed by the biological function of selenium in the body, including defence against oxidative damage, thyroid hormone metabolism, immune function and reproduction. There is also a chapter on the assessment of selenium status.

Finally, the paper looks at selenium deficiency in animals and man and the evidence that relates selenium to health and disease. This covers issues such as cancer, heart disease, infectious/viral disease, inflammatory disease, mood and infertility. 
For more information, the paper and a summary are attached below.


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