The latest issue of Nutrition Bulletin is now available online. Articles featured include:


  • Childhood obesity still rising – J.L. Buttriss
  • Eggs and type 2 diabetes – current evidence suggests no cause for concern in the short-term – N. R. Fuller, T. P. Markovic, A. Sainsbury & I. D. Caterson


  • Health effects of resistant starch – S. Lockyer & A. P. Nugent

Facts Behind the Headlines

  • Are probiotics useful for the average consumer? – S. Lockyer
  • Childcare attendance and childhood obesity – what’s the risk? – L. Chambers

News & Views

  • Vitamin D during childhood and adolescence: Evidence-based dietary requirements for adequacy and implications for bone health - T. J. Smith & K. H. Hart
  • Current evidence linking nutrition and the brain in ageing – K. Moore, M. O’Shea & H. McNulty
  • Health and nutrition claims – guidance, regulation and self-regulation - M. J. Walker
  • Gene-nutrient interactions on metabolic diseases: Findings from the GeNuIne Collaboration – K. S. Vimaleswaran

News from the Research Councils

  • Impact of probiotics on the immune response to influenza vaccination is strongly influenced by ageing – P. Yaqoob

News from EU Research

  • The MooDFOOD project: Prevention of depression through nutritional strategies - M. Cabout, I. A. Brouwer & M. Visser

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