Celebrating 50 years of nutrition science

To mark the British Nutrition Foundation’s 50th anniversary, a Special Issue of Nutrition Bulletin,  'Nutrition science past and future: Celebrating a multi-disciplined approach', has brought together world-leading nutrition scientists to celebrate how research in a range of academic disciplines has contributed to significant advances in understanding about the relationships between diet and health over the last 50 years. To access the Special Issue, please visit the Nutrition Bulletin website here.

NBU50th infographic FINAL

• Nutrition science past and future: Celebrating a multi-disciplined approach - C.M. Williams
• The British Nutrition Foundation: 50 years of making nutrition science accessible to all - J.L. Buttriss, R. Ballam & S. Stanner
Nutrition science methodology
• The contribution of food composition resources to nutrition science methodology – P. Finglas, M. Roe, H. Pinchen & S. Astley
• 75 years of Family Food, 50 years of the British Nutrition Foundation – D. Lee & I. Worth
• The contribution of epidemiology to nutrition science - M. Wiseman
• Preventing childhood obesity: Early life messages from epidemiology – S. Robinson
• The role of polyphenols in modern nutrition – G. Williamson
Behavioural science
• The contribution of behavioural science to nutrition: Appetite control – J. Blundell
• Dietary energy density: Applying behavioural science to weight management – B. J. Rolls
• Nutrition, epigenetics and health through life –F.C. Malcomson & J. C. Mathers
Biomedical science
• Serum low-density lipoprotein as a dietary responsive biomarker of cardiovascular disease risk: Consensus and confusion – B. Griffin
Food science and technology
• Saturated fats, dairy foods and health: A curious paradox? - D.I. Givens