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About us

We are a charity.


Our vision is simple. We believe that healthy, sustainable diets should be accessible to all.


To achieve this, we translate evidence-based nutrition science into accessible and engaging information that people – policy makers, industry leaders, health professionals and the general public – can act upon.


In all aspects of our work, we aim to communicate clearly, ensuring the information we provide is impartial, relevant and driven by our commitment to public benefit. 


We take pride in being a great place to work, and in creating information specifically designed to be accessible to all.


The principles of equity, diversity and inclusion are embedded across our organisation to help us to deliver our charitable aims and we have committed to support initiatives that widen inclusion in nutrition science more broadly.


Our vision is simple. We believe that healthy, sustainable diets should be accessible to all.


Elaine Hindal, Chief Executive, British Nutrition Foundation

What we do

Some of our activities include:

Baby eating broccoli

Champion nutrition science

We are rigorous in our approach to evidence-based nutrition science.


We devise, develop, and disseminate reviews on specific topics, hold roundtable discussions, and are a sounding board for policy development.

Create practical resources

We develop high quality nutrition resources for a range of audiences that support the principles of a healthy, sustainable diet.

Training and events

Delivering high quality training and events via conferences, workshops, webinars, and modular online support

Provide support to teachers

Providing support to food teachers, including teacher training and a wide programme of teaching resources for schools.

More about the British Nutrition Foundation:

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