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Annual Reports

Annual Report 2022-23

I am again delighted to present our Annual Report as Chair of the Board of Trustees.


I thank my fellow Trustees for their continued support and commitment to the British Nutrition Foundation and I thank our Chief Executive, Elaine Hindal and her team for their excellent work during this year.


My appreciation is particularly heartfelt, given the ongoing pressure on access to good nutrition in the UK. Last year I noted the beginning of a cost-of-living crisis that has accelerated beyond all expectations and pushed more people into food poverty.


In this context the team have redoubled their efforts to provide clear, practical, evidence-based information and advice that challenges the increasing volume of misinformation in this space, and supports the more vulnerable in our society.

Professor John Mathers, Chair, Board of Trustees, British Nutrition Foundation

British Nutrition Foundation

Report & Accounts 2022-23


As a nutrition charity, we want a future where everyone has a healthy, sustainable diet. That means navigating complex issues – the affordability of food, the availability of more sustainable options, and awareness of the importance of healthy eating.


Elaine Hindal, Chief Executive, British Nutrition Foundation

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