Saturday 20 June 2009  

Food education will become compulsory for all Key Stage 3 pupils in England by 2011 so now, more than ever, nutrition really matters in teaching!  Working closely with OfSTED and the Food Standards Agency, the British Nutrition Foundation is delighted to bring representatives from these influential groups together with our own respected staff at an event to inspire and support both current and future food teachers at this crucial time. 

According to chair of the conference, Stephanie Valentine, Deputy Director General of the British Nutrition Foundation, “There is some really terrific work going on in Food Technology lessons around the country.  We don’t hear nearly enough about it!  This conference provides a professional update for more than 100 teachers dedicated enough to give up a precious Saturday.  They are a vital (and in my opinion much underrated) resource, but I feel confident that they will leave refreshed and inspired to make sure that all their teaching reflects current, accurate nutrition information.”

In the busy life of a teacher there are rare opportunities to share ideas and glean insight from leaders in Food Technology.  Michelle Parker representing Her Majesty’s Inspectorate from OfSTED is keen to ensure Food Technology teaching is high on the agenda for all schools in England, and she will begin the day with a keynote address.

Jamie Blackshaw, Senior Scientific Officer, will give attendees a first look at the new and exciting resources produced by the Food Standards Agency, and invite them to discuss and evaluate them.
Heather Yüregir, Nutrition Scientist at BNF highlights the impact of food education on health:  “By learning how to cook, children can develop an understanding of the value of food, and this can help them adopt healthy eating patterns as they get older.”  Delegates will learn about the latest nutrition from Heather and Georgine Leung, Nutrition Scientist from the British Nutrition Foundation; with a focus on the role of nutrition and lifestyle in healthy ageing and a revealing look at facts behind the headlines. This presentation will enable delegates to sort the fact from fiction when dealing with nutrition stories in the media and answer questions from their pupils.

BNF will highlight and demonstrate its free resources during the event .  The British Nutrition Foundation has a valuable role supporting teachers and providing them with new and exciting ideas of how to use available resources to engage their pupils in food education.


For further information and interviews please contact Stephanie Valentine on
020 7404 6504 or [email protected]

Notes to Editors:
1. The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) was established over 40 years ago and has developed a reputation for delivering objective, evidence-based information on food and nutrition in the context of health and lifestyle. BNF’s work is conducted and communicated through a unique blend of nutrition science, education and media activities; accurate interpretation of nutrition science is at the heart of all we do. BNF’s strong governance is broad based but dominated by the academic community and we are honoured to have Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal, as our patron. BNF is an independent organisation with charitable status that now attracts funding from a variety of sources, including contracts with the European Commission, national government departments and agencies; food producers and manufacturers, retailers and food service companies; grant providing bodies, trusts and other charities.
2. The conference Nutrition Matters in Teaching is being held at the Kingsway Hall Hotel, London on 20 June 2009, registration begins at 09:30 and the day finishes at 15:00.  For further details or a press pass please contact Kim on 020 74046504 or [email protected]
3. Speakers at the conference will be available for interview on Saturday 20 June on request.  Stephanie Valentine (Deputy Director General) is also available for comment at the Foundation on 020 7404 6504 or 07732584157.

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