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New perspectives on infant feeding and obesity

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Dietary fat recommendations in the spotlight

Tuesday 10th February 2015

There have been suggestions today, based on a paper published in the journal 

10 Key Facts from the BNF Fibre Symposium

Average fibre intake in the UK is significantly below recommendations,...

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Which of the following do you think would most help consumers reduce their sugar intake?

A clearer understanding of which foods make the largest contribution to our sugar intake in the UK - 28.9%
A clearer understanding of the difference between added or free sugars and total sugars in foods - 16.2%
Practical dietary tips suggesting alternatives to foods high in sugar - 23.1%
Practical daily diet plans showing examples of low sugar and high sugar diets - 10.9%
Clear messages on the evidence on low calorie sweeteners and health - 5.6%
Better understanding on how sugars are included on food labels - 14.1%

Total votes: 377
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